Automatic  External Defibrillators    

Easy to Use....
Voice instructions talk you through each step.... 
This AED will coach you through the steps of CPR......
A Philips training video is provided for a refresher ......

This AED uses industry leading technology....
Uses a highly accurate algorithm to determine whether the patient’s heart requires a shock .....
Only charges and delivers a shock if one is needed.......

Checks itself on a daily basis.....
Ready to use when you need it..... 
A Green Ready  Light flashes to indicate the units status 
Call for details.
We will deliver, install a wall bracket or case, and provide an Inservice Training session to explain the specifications of the AED.
 Annual   AED  inspection service is available. 

  We will check the AED's Readiness Status, Battery, Pads, and Accessory Equipment.
        A written report of the annual Inspection will be provided.   

  Call for the details.
 AED Accessories:

Adult Replacement Pads     
Pediatric Replacement Pads               
OnSite and FRX Replacement Battery
Accessory Kit, (Scissor,Razor,Mask,Gloves)                   
Acrylic Wall Bracket
Metal Wall Case with Audible Alarm                
AED Wall Sign                                       
AED Equipped Window Sticke    
Philips OnSite AED
Philips FRX AED